[Openmcl-devel] Darwin and shared libraries

John DeSoi desoi at mac.com
Tue Apr 2 02:30:08 UTC 2002

Hi Alex,

I'm not much of a Unix/C programmer, so I can't comment on your idea 
other than it sounds interesting.

What kinds of library formats will work? Can Carbon shared libraries 
that don't make any windowing or user interface calls be used? I have 
a SQL database library I would like to use with OpenMCL.

BTW, I have been working on a MCL port for UFFI, a package designed 
to provide a single Lisp interface for foreign functions that will 
work with almost any Lisp environment. See http://uffi.med-info.com/. 
I hope to port this for OpenMCL once the shared library issues are 
resolved for Darwin.

I just started using OpenMCL and I'm very impressed with it. Since it 
uses the ACL socket API, I was able to port my MCL implementation of 
Portable AllegroServe 
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/portableaserve/) in about 30 
minutes. There are still some cleanup issues to address, but it 
should be available soon.


John DeSoi, Ph.D.

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