[Openmcl-devel] Re: PPC Floating-Point Compiler for MCL/OpenMCL

Randall Beer beer at eecs.cwru.edu
Sat Feb 8 01:21:01 UTC 2003

> This is awesome! One thing I'd like is being able to do local 
> functions. E.g.,
> (defun nearly-equal-p (x y &optional (threshold 0.0001D0))
>   ;; excuse the symbol overuse!
>   (double-flet ((doit (x y threshold)
>                   (< (abs (- x y)) threshold)))
>                (doit x y threshold)))
> This is mainly to support more complex lambda lists and give people a 
> chance to coerce variables if necessary.

Is there any reason why this wouldn't work?

(defun nearly-equal-p (x y &optional (threshold 0.00001D0))
   (%double-inline (< (abs (- x y)) threshold)))


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