[Openmcl-devel] probe-file and symlinks

Jon Buffington jon_buffington at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 9 23:11:33 UTC 2003

Apparently, I need to repair the filesystem, HFS+, before wasting bandwidth. 

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From: "Jon Buffington" <jon_buffington at hotmail.com>
To: openmcl-devel at clozure.com
Subject: [Openmcl-devel] probe-file and symlinks
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2003 17:51:36 -0500

I was starting to use ASDF with OpenMCL 0.13.4 on OS X 10.2.3 and noticed 
that probe-file returns nil for symbolic-links. Strangely, so does MCL and 
ACL 6.2 trial. Is this an OS X bug or are my expectations incorrect?

FWIW, probe-file using CMUCL on x86/Linux returns the sym-link's pathname as 


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