[Openmcl-devel] Problem with Cocoa IDE

Rod Schmidt rschmidt at xmission.com
Sat Feb 22 20:02:42 UTC 2003

I went through the process to build the Cocoa IDE. It ran right after I did (require "cocoa-application"), but after that whenever I double-click on OpenMCL.app the following shows up in the console: 

Unknown option: -psn_0_7340033 
usage: /Applications/ccl/OpenMCL.app/Contents/MacOS/dppccl <options> 
	 or /Applications/ccl/OpenMCL.app/Contents/MacOS/dppccl <image-name> 
	 where <options> are one or more of: 
        -h, --help : this text 
        -n, --no-init : suppress loading of init file 
        -e, --eval : evaluate <form> (may need to quote <form> in shell) 
        -l, --load : load <file> 
        -T, --set-lisp-heap-gc-threshold : set lisp-heap-gc-threshold to <n> 
	-R, --heap-reserve <n>: reserve <n> (default: 1073741824) 
		 bytes for heap expansion 
	-S, --stack-size <n>: set size of initial stacks to <n> (default: 1048576) 
	-b, --batch: exit when EOF on *STANDARD-INPUT* 
	--no-sigtrap : obscure option for running under GDB 
	-I, --image-name <image-name> 
	 and <image-name> defaults to /Applications/ccl/OpenMCL.app/Contents/MacOS/dppccl.image 

Anybody know what's wrong? 


Rod Schmidt

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