[Openmcl-devel] Another ILisp Question

bryan o'connor bryan at barmetta.com
Sat Jun 14 22:11:31 UTC 2003

> There are people around distributing pre-built versions, but since 
> Emacs is quite large...

i put a copy of my latest CVS build of emacs (6/14/03) and ilisp
(6/14/03) at:

just drag the Emacs.app to /Applications.  ilisp is in the site.lisp

below are some relevant sections of my .emacs.  i hope this helps.


;;; use default browser for opening urls
(setq browse-url-browser-function
       '(lambda (url &optional new-win)
          (do-applescript (concat "open location \"" url "\""))))

(require 'completer)
(autoload 'run-ilisp    "ilisp"  "Select a new inferior Lisp."   t)
(autoload 'common-lisp  "ilisp"  "Inferior generic Common Lisp." t)
(autoload 'openmcl      "ilisp"  "Inferior OpenMCL Common Lisp." t)

(setq openmcl-program "/usr/local/bin/openmcl")

;;; for hyperspec symbol lookup.  hyperspec should live in ~/Documents/
(setq common-lisp-hyperspec-root
       (concat "file://" (expand-file-name "~/Documents/Hyperspec/")))

(setq common-lisp-hyperspec-symbol-table
       (expand-file-name "~/Documents/Hyperspec/Data/Map_Sym.txt"))

(add-hook 'ilisp-load-hook
           '(lambda ()
              (setq ilisp-*prefix* "\C-c")
              (defkey-ilisp "" 'common-lisp-hyperspec)
              (message "Running ilisp-load-hook")
              (add-hook 'ilisp-init-hook
                        '(lambda ()
                           (default-directory-lisp ilisp-last-buffer)))

(set-default 'auto-mode-alist
              (append '(("\\.lisp$" . lisp-mode)
                        ("\\.lsp$" . lisp-mode)
                        ("\\.cl$" . lisp-mode))

(setq lisp-mode-hook '(lambda () (require 'ilisp)))

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