Fwd: [Openmcl-devel] openmcl 1.0 vs. GUI

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Mon Aug 29 03:01:59 UTC 2005

> On Sun, 28 Aug 2005, alex crain wrote:
>> I've tested in on Tiger and 10.3.9 and it boots fine in both cases as long 
>> as there isn't any other ccl distributions around.

I had a wonderful, complicated theory that might have explained the
deep dark reason that this sometimes worked and sometimes didn't.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a much simpler explanation: if I try
to run Alex's Hemlock.app on a system where Terminal.app isn't
running, it fails; if Terminal.app is running, it succeeds (and the
initial lisp listener is running in a minimized Terminal window).

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