[Openmcl-devel] how does one cause stack-allocation for floats?

James Anderson janderson at ravenpack.com
Sat Apr 1 15:03:36 UTC 2006


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> Toomas's point - that he'd gladly rewrite all of the code he's written
> that does some sort of hoop-jumping - was helpful to me: I think that
> I sometimes assume that if a really bad interface is exposed (documented/
> exported) that it'll stay around for the next decade and will be difficult
> to ever get rid of.

well, it is possible to plan to have to rewrite such things and use them through
neutral (that is, vendor independent), maybe even portable interfaces.
> Some or all of FPC might break if the compiler got smarter.  In the
> meantime, it might help (and might help a lot), and it'd probably be
> a good thing if and when it does break.
> I'd be willing to commit to not breaking FPC casually (and/or
> repairing any such casual breakage), and I suspect that Randall would
> be glad if people stopped using FPC someday because they no longer
> have to.


given cmucl's behaviour, if there were a DESTRUCTIVE declaration, it would come
pretty close.


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