[Openmcl-devel] How to keep invisible flags of dfsl files after recompilation?

Ralf Stoye stoye at stoye.com
Wed Apr 26 23:33:37 UTC 2006

Am 25.04.2006 um 22:07 schrieb Wouter Van den Broeck:

> Dear,
> Is it possible for me to configure OpenMCL is such way that the
> invisible flags of dfsl files are kept when recompiling the source
> files?

i don't like the idea, but it is possible:
(the Developer Tools should be installed)

(defun make-invisible-in-finder (path)
   (run-program "/Developer/Tools/SetFile" (list "-a" "V" (namestring  
(full-pathname path))) :output nil))

(defun make-visible-in-finder (path)
   (run-program "/Developer/Tools/SetFile" (list "-a" "v" (namestring  
(full-pathname path))) :output nil))

(advise compile-file
	(let ((thepath (:do-it)))
	  (format *standard-output* "will make ~s invisible~%" thepath)
	  (make-invisible-in-finder thepath)
	:when :around)


(compile-file (full-pathname #p"home:mk;test.lisp"))

(make-visible-in-finder  (full-pathname #p"home:mk;test.dfsl"))


> I have the habit of 'hiding' the compiled files by setting the
> invisible flags of the files in order to avoid visual clutter in my
> file manager. However, in OpenMCL, when I recompile a lisp file, the
> corresponding dfsl file becomes visible again. I would greatly
> appreciate if the dfsl files would remain invisible.

i think a much better way is to use an appropriate pathname-translation

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