[Openmcl-devel] Solaris x86-64 progress

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Mon Aug 11 07:16:03 UTC 2008

In my earlier message, I said something about the trunk being volatile
and binaries sometimes being a few hours (or more ...) behind sources.
That's all that this is; I'll try to check in new binaries in a few

Whenever doing an "svn update", note that svn generally doesn't change
local copies of binary files that've been modified.  Doing

shell> svn revert SX86CL64      ; or any other conflicting files

after the "svn update" will overwrite the local copy with the repository
version, which is generally what you want to do.

On Mon, 11 Aug 2008, Chun Tian (binghe) wrote:

> Hi again, G.B.
> ÔÚ 2008-8-11£¬ÉÏÎç10:31£¬ Gary Byers дµÀ£º
>> If anyone's interested, there's a work-in-progress Solaris x86-64 (or 
>> "x64",
>> if you prefer) port in the trunk.  I ran into many of the same issues that
>> Chris described.
>> Some of the socket code is still buggy (and largely untested), there's
>> an intermittent problem whereby sometimes (i.e., when I don't have GDB
>> attached to look at it ...) threads get strange memory faults during
>> QUIT, there seems to be an OS bug (or a misinterpetation of some
>> information passed to a signal handler) that causes memory fault
>> addresses to be reported incorrectly sometimes (on "SunOS 5.11
>> snv_93"), and there are likely other bugs that I'm not aware of.
>> What work I've done on it has been done under OpenSolaris (there's
>> an 08/05 live cd at opensolaris.org, and I later upgraded to a slightly 
>> later version via the package system.)  I don't know
>> if it runs differently or at all under Solaris 10.
> Amazing! It works on Solaris 10. But I got some lisp error when I try to 
> rebuild-ccl, please see it (full details in attach):
> ;Loading #P"/home/binghe/ccl/bin/x86-disassemble.sx64fsl"...
>> Error: Unbound variable: X86-DISASSEMBLED-INSTRUCTION
>> While executing: CHEAP-EVAL-IN-ENVIRONMENT, in process listener(1).
>> Type :GO to continue, :POP to abort, :R for a list of available restarts.
>> If continued: Retry getting the value of X86-DISASSEMBLED-INSTRUCTION.
>> Type :? for other options.
> 1 >
> And I also made trivial changes to get openmcl64 script works on solaris.
> Thanks again!
> Regards,
> Chun Tian (binghe)

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