[Openmcl-devel] output print without package name

Janusz Podrazik info at mracpublishing.com
Sun Aug 7 18:49:56 UTC 2011

I need this to be global.
I do not use any specific print function.
This happen every time I eval function in the editor.


On 7 Aug 2011, at 20:42, Stas Boukarev wrote:

> Janusz Podrazik <info at mracpublishing.com> writes:
>> hi,
>> i wonder how to setup not too print package name with output in the listener.
>> after loading of my package (in-package :ludwig-van) all print output contain name:
>>> midi-to-pitch
>> ((ludwig-van::c4c5 ludwig-van::gs3 ludwig-van::ds4d5) (ludwig-van::ds4 ludwig-van::d5))
>> i am looking for:
>>> midi-to-pitch
>> ((c4c5 gs3 ds4d5) (ds4 d5))
>> this must be pathetically simple to accomplish…
>> best wishes,
> Use PRINC instead of PRINT/PRIN1, or ~a  instead of ~s in FORMAT.
> -- 
> With best regards, Stas.

MRAC Publishing
Janusz Podrazik
info at mracpublishing.com

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