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Antony lisp.linux at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 09:41:07 UTC 2012

On 3/12/2012 11:07 PM, Mark H. David wrote:
> Why are all OS's getting worse?!
I think it's cause they are trying to woo the general public (I am 

This is my second try putting my views out, cause there is too much to 
say and not enough time.
But I do have to say at least something in my own selfish interest.

I've been using Win7 ultimate/64 bit as my desktop O/S for about 3 years 
I think.
It serves fine for that purpose since my day job was in MS env till 
I do my lisp project in CCL under fedora (latest) using virtualbox. I 
run just the virtual console (init 3 or whatever and no gui) and use 
cygwin/x to host the emacs from linux. I use mintty+screen for other stuff.

This has worked great as a combination to support
1. my day job (MS C# visual studio) work
2. which also included a android/java/eclispe project recently
3. my CL hobby that I hope will turn into something, and
4. the normal 'residential' uses (like browser, picassa etc).

But, I think fedora will be a poor choice for production. Mostly cause 
their updates are frequent and large and I don't really know how that 
plays out if i were to use fedora in production. I am also not sure what 
controls they have on what source gets in.  The companies that I had 
worked for that used linux ususally used CentOS. That seems to be a dead 
end now. Whether or not this is a big deal I don't know. But, I'd be a 
fool to not think about it.

This is why I tried freebsd a while ago and posted here about it. Since 
I haven't seen any mention of it, I assume freebsd 9.0 is still not in 
the picture for CCL 1.8.
I am harping about this cause I think  it's the  O/S that has minimal 
influence from the general public needs. Also fewer updates. I think 
that works good for  server O/S.


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