[Openmcl-devel] trying some ASuDF tests on Windows (was: Re: [asdf-devel] Volunteer for LispWorks testing?)

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 00:07:47 UTC 2013

On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 7:10 PM, Dave Cooper <david.cooper at genworks.com> wrote:
> [if this starts to be off-topic for the openmcl-devel list please don't
> hesitate to ask me to take it off the cc list]
Well, it's about getting ccl's run-program to do something useful on
Windows, so it's possibly on-topic there.

>>> The issue with ";" vs. ":" for path separator
>>> I'm not sure exactly where to fix
I pushed yet another update for these two tests.

> test-run-program.script looks like it's giving Error Code 1 for the command
> "echo ok 1" which as far as I know should work.
Yup, there is one layer of quoting too much, trying to execute a command
echo" "ok" "1

Please try again with this updated patch (relative to master HEAD).

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