[Openmcl-devel] Trying to get ASDF tests (especially uiop:run-program) on Windows (Allegro CL, CCL) cleaned up before 3.0.3 release

Dave Cooper david.cooper at genworks.com
Mon Sep 9 05:25:48 UTC 2013

Starting a new thread, but in due course we should keep Fare's most recent
words from previous thread in mind for expanding the test suite for

Fare wrote:

Ideally there would a test that includes all printable ASCII
> characters and ensures that quoting works alright, with either a list
> or string argument (beware quoting when generating the string).

Anyway, here is what I'm seeing currently (with an unpatched

Allegro 9.0:

Running the test script from cygwin brings up an Allegro CL Console which
immediately displays the following error:

An unhandled error occurred during initialization:
An error occurred
(Attempt to take the value of the unbound variable
the reading or evaluation of -e "(or #.(load
\\\"test/script-support.lisp\\\") #.(asdf-test::compile-asdf-script))"

<The Lisp process exited with status -1 (0xffffffff)>

So the -e argument is not making it properly into the Allegro, and it looks
like something has to be updated in the test script just to get
Allegro/Windows to start running the tests.  Would anyone from Franz
Support care to have a look at this?

I did confirm that normal programs can be run with Allegro's
excl:run-shell-command without the need for "cmd /c" prepended.

CCL 1.9

asdf test results for (unpatched) are here:


Note that the first failure, for the bundle-test, is a known bug in
ccl:fasl-concatenate in CCL 1.9 for Windows, and has been fixed in the
trunk for CCL 1.10.

The second failure just looks like the extra space after the "ok 1" as we
were seeing before. Perhaps this is also a CCL issue? Can anyone from
Clozure comment on this?

Also, I think I confirmed that CCL's ccl:run-program on Windows really does
need the "cmd /c " prepended to be able to run a normal program.  Currently
the uiop:run-program is doing

  (cons "cmd" (strcat "/c " command))

for commands given as a single string, but it does not prepend anything for
commands given as a list. There was previous opinion that the list form of
the command should not automatically get the ("cmd" "c/") prepended. But
from what I can tell, the user will always have to do

  (uiop:run-program (append '("cmd" "/c") command)

if user wants to give command as a list. If that's the case, then for
consistent interface of uiop:run-program across different Lisps, shouldn't
uiop:run-program go ahead and do that appending by default?


Sorry, I'm not running SBCL on Windows at the moment. Anyone? Get with me
if you can use some guidance getting the ASDF test scripts running.


I don't have LWW at this juncture. Anyone?

ABCL, ECL, CLISP,  GCL (who am I forgetting?)

Anyone running these on Windows and willing to run some ASDF testing
scripts (probably through cygwin)? Get with me if you want some guidance
and/or moral support.


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