[Openmcl-cvs-notifications] r16184 - in /trunk/source/cocoa-ide: cocoa-editor.lisp cocoa-listener.lisp

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Tue Sep 2 20:24:28 UTC 2014

Author: rme
Date: Tue Sep  2 20:24:28 2014
New Revision: 16184

Ensure that the text selected via the find panel is selected by Hemlock.

Do this by setting the hemlock-text-view's delegate to the window
controller, and implementing the delegate method textViewDidChangeSelection=
In that method, see if the NSTextView selection and the Hemlock seletion
differ, and synch them up if needed.

See ticket:1151.


Modified: trunk/source/cocoa-ide/cocoa-editor.lisp
--- trunk/source/cocoa-ide/cocoa-editor.lisp	(original)
+++ trunk/source/cocoa-ide/cocoa-editor.lisp	Tue Sep  2 20:24:28 2014
@@ -2544,6 +2544,30 @@
   ((sequence :foreign-type :int))
   (:metaclass ns:+ns-object))

+;;; In certain cases, an NSTextView's selection changes without going
+;;; through setSelectedRange: or similar methods.  In post-10.6
+;;; systems, one of these cases is the find panel.  Synch up the
+;;; selections between the NSTextView and the Hemlock buffer here.
+(objc:defmethod (#/textViewDidChangeSelection: :void)
+    ((self hemlock-editor-window-controller) notification)
+  (let* ((hv (hemlock-view self))
+	 (buffer (hi:hemlock-view-buffer hv))
+	 (tv (#/object notification)))
+    (with-view-selection-info (tv buffer)
+      (let* ((range (#/selectedRange tv))
+	     (v0 (ns:ns-range-location range))
+	     (v1 (+ v0 (ns:ns-range-length range))))
+	(multiple-value-bind (b0 b1) (hi:buffer-selection-range buffer)
+	  ;; If the selections differ, synch them up.
+	  (unless (and (=3D b0 v0)
+		       (=3D b1 v1))
+	    (let ((point (hi:buffer-point buffer)))
+	      (hi:move-to-absolute-position point v0)
+	      (when (> v1 v0)
+		(let ((mark (hi:copy-mark point :right-inserting)))
+		  (hi:move-to-absolute-position mark v1)
+		  (hemlock::%buffer-push-buffer-mark buffer mark t))))))))))
 (objc:defmethod #/windowTitleForDocumentDisplayName: ((self hemlock-editor=
-window-controller) docname)
   (let* ((seq (slot-value self 'sequence)))
     (if (zerop seq)
@@ -3069,7 +3093,7 @@
       ;;(#/setDelegate: window self)
       (#/setDelegate: window controller)
       (setf (slot-value controller 'sequence) dupcount)
-      (#/setDelegate: (text-pane-text-view (slot-value window 'pane)) self)
+      (#/setDelegate: (text-pane-text-view (slot-value window 'pane)) cont=
       (#/addWindowController: self controller)
       (#/release controller)
       (#/setShouldCascadeWindows: controller nil)

Modified: trunk/source/cocoa-ide/cocoa-listener.lisp
--- trunk/source/cocoa-ide/cocoa-listener.lisp	(original)
+++ trunk/source/cocoa-ide/cocoa-listener.lisp	Tue Sep  2 20:24:28 2014
@@ -576,7 +576,7 @@
         (let* ((layout (#/objectAtIndex: layout-managers i)))
           (#/setBackgroundLayoutEnabled: layout nil))))
     (#/setDelegate: window controller)
-    (#/setDelegate: (text-pane-text-view (slot-value window 'pane)) self)
+    (#/setDelegate: (text-pane-text-view (slot-value window 'pane)) contro=
     (setf (slot-value controller 'sequence)
           (slot-value self 'dupcount))
     (#/setShouldCascadeWindows: controller nil)

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