[Openmcl-devel] openGL / cocoa problem

nik gaffney nik at f0.am
Tue Dec 17 11:05:47 PST 2002

after building the lisp-kernel form the current cvs sources + using the 
dppccl.image from 0.13.2 binary release, it works fine now. thanks!

> re: your other problem. Requiring cocoa-inspector, or cocoa by itself
> (cocoa-inspector requires cocoa if it's not already there) works fine
> for me under Jaguar (10.2.2) with openmcl 0.13.2, with the latest CVS
> stuff. If you still have the problem (under any version of OS X) after
> you're using the patched sources (if you're planning to do objc
> interface stuff I hope going through the build process isn't a big
> problem), do a verbose backtrace "(:b t)" and post it back to the list.

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