[Openmcl-devel] libraries with 0.12 darwin

Michael Klingbeil michael at klingbeil.com
Sun Jul 7 17:59:32 PDT 2002

Actually you can open a shared library of type .dylib (Darwin dynamic 
shared libraries) with the ccl::open-dylib function. Just give it a 
pathname to the library to open. You mention your database lib is a 
"Carbon shared library" which might mean it is in PEF format rather 
than mach-o so it won't work for that. If you have the sources to the 
database library it would probably be best to recompile for mach-o. 
Otherwise you might be able to open some carbon compatibility libs 
and then use the Code Fragment manager APIs to open the PEF format 
library. But I don't know all the details of how to do that.

I'm very close to finishing more general support for 
open-shared-library under darwin (will support bundles which can also 
be closed). There are a few remaining issues to fix, but it should be 
ready soon. But this is still for mach-o only.

As far as support for C++, I'm not sure how to approach that. Things 
like name mangling, vtables formats, etc. vary from compiler to 
compiler, so I think this would present some problems. But C 
libraries work very well.

Hope this helps.

>I'm trying to understand what capabilities there are for external 
>libraries. The docs still indicate that darwin can't open shared 
>libraries. The cocoa example seems to indicate that you can make 
>calls to the cocoa framework. What about other frameworks? The 
>database library I want to use (no user interface) is available as a 
>Carbon shared library and as a C++ framework.  If it might be 
>possible to make this work, where should I start looking to figure 
>it out?
>John DeSoi, Ph.D.
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