[Openmcl-devel] sockets and compatibility

John Wiseman john at evolution.com
Sun Jun 30 17:34:26 PDT 2002

Hello.  I was just wondering whether, since openMCL's socket API is
not compatible with MCL's TCP/IP interface, but is based on ACL's
socket API, whether perhaps it could even be moved to a new SOCKET
package (which is what ACL uses) for even greater cross-lisp

(Actually ACL uses the package ACL-SOCKET, with nickname SOCKET. So
Maybe OpenMCL could have MCL-SOCKET, etc.)

I realize there is a long tradition of all the "extra stuff" in the
MCL family being in the CCL package (the name itself pretty much gives
away the "long tradition" part), but if it were moved to SOCKET
instead it would make it vastly easier to write code that would work
in multiple lisps.  No read-time conditionals required.


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