[Openmcl-devel] Emacs 21.3.50 on Mac OS X 10.2.x

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Sun Nov 10 09:17:18 PST 2002

On Sun, 10 Nov 2002, Rainer Joswig wrote:

> Maybe some OpenMCL/Emacs/ilisp users on MacOS X 10.2.x will find this useful:
> There is a useful carbonized Emacs 21.3.50 for Jaguar.
> http://mindlube.com/developer/

People interested in running a Carbon FSF Emacs on OSX might also find





Since XEmacs isn't entirely X-centric (it was ported to MSWindows some
time ago), one might think that there'd been some effort to develop
a Carbon version of XEmacs.  The "MacOSX support" in the most recent
alpha version I could find seems roughly equivalent to the Fink patches
that've been around for a couple of years (e.g., the MacOSX version
still assumes X.)

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