[Openmcl-devel] buffering for socket streams

Hamilton Link helink at sandia.gov
Wed Nov 13 12:55:59 PST 2002

This may be a silly comment, but comparing the performance under Linux 
and OS X for a openmcl+CLX+McClim seems to me to be the only sensible 
first step. There are plenty of very slow GUI things (scrolling 
windows, etc) under OS X (which, fine, may very well be a gestalt 
slowness) that aren't slow in some other random system. A side-by-side 
test might eliminate OS X as the culprit  or at least qualify the % of 
slowdown that *doesn't* come from the OS.

> I remember running a few of the CLX demos and don't recall thinking
> that there was a performance problem; OTOH, this would have been under
> Linux.  We don't yet know what the problem is, but it's -possible-
> that differences between OSX and Linux could explain some of it.


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