[Openmcl-devel] ipaddr-to-dotted

Kevin Rosenberg kevin at rosenberg.net
Thu Nov 21 12:02:49 PST 2002

Hi Gary, 

I'm working on Portable Aserve for OpenMCL. Currently, openmcl 0.13.1
does not allow this ccl function to be overridden without a warning. I
assume that there is some way to disable the warning. But, even
better, would you consider the below comments and the redefinition and
let me know if you think that the redefinition is still needed?


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; OpenMCL has a built-in ipaddr-to-dotted. But it appears that sometimes
; the log function is being called after the connection is closed and
; it causes nil to be passed to ipaddr-to-dotted. So until we have a fix,
; we just provide this to deal with nil values. The aserve log-request 
; method should really check to see that it has a good value.
; Second reason for this: ccl:ipaddr-to-dotted gives the wrong result
(defun ccl:ipaddr-to-dotted (ipaddr &key values)
  (if (null ipaddr)
    (if values (values 0 0 0 0) "")
    (let ((a (logand #xff (ash ipaddr -24)))
          (b (logand #xff (ash ipaddr -16)))
          (c (logand #xff (ash ipaddr -8)))
          (d (logand #xff ipaddr)))
      (if values
        (values a b c d)
        (format nil "~d.~d.~d.~d" a b c d)))))

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