[Openmcl-devel] OpenMCL future

Rainer Joswig joswig at lispmachine.de
Fri Sep 6 12:21:44 PDT 2002

At 6:34 Uhr -0600 06.09.2002, Gary Byers wrote:

>These are things that I have in mind; I'd certainly be interested
>in hearing other people's ideas.

It seems that there are a lot of Lisp implementations on OS X.
ACL is there and LispWorks seems to be in the works. Plus
some more.

I like OpenMCL expecially since it has a smallish footprint,
is fast enough for a lot of things and has Gary Byers
developing it. :-)

Personally I'd be interested in the following unsorted things
(keep in mind that these are only *suggestions* based om
my personal preferences and that I'm currently only
interested in the MacOS X port).

- native threads
- full MOP
- Unicode
- large arrays
- multiple processor support with native threads. See:
- OpenMCL core without GUI always available in the future. Usable
  for scripting, server apps, ...
- additionally a double-clickable OpenMCL Cocoa application
- more Cocoa support
- debugging of remote OpenMCL applications
- CLIM (the real CLIM, not FreeCLIM) based on Cocoa/Quartz
- better FP code generation
- investigation where Altivec could be used to speed up the
  Lisp kernel or compiled Lisp code
- zero CPU usage when idling in a REPL
- an IDE (a really don't like the Emacs/Ilisp interface)
- long pathnames (does it already, right?)

Rainer Joswig

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