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Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at beta9.be
Sat Sep 7 07:51:36 PDT 2002

This test suite (or a version of it) is in CLOCC now, under 
tools/ansi-test. I don't know the current relationship between the 
CLISP and CLOCC source trees, i.e. what happens when new tests or 
platforms (like openmcl) are added, where do you check them in ?

I took a look at the test suite from CLOCC and ran it in openmcl 0.13. 
The problem is than (too) many tests need their expected results put it 
for each platform. All these failed along the lines of (+ 1 2) returned 
3 and UNKNOWN was expected ;-). If we want to make this work for 
openmcl, that'll require some work and we need to know where to commit 
these changes to (cfr above).

In any case, I think we could all help Gary here, test suites are nice 
things to have when you are working on the internals of a complex 

On Friday, September 6, 2002, at 07:02 PM, Marco Baringer wrote:

> while admittedly not complete, and covering only CLtL1, CLISP comes
> with a set of tests for testing implementation conformance. according
> to the docs it caught 5 sever bugs in CLISP and 19 in AKCL.
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