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Rainer Joswig joswig at lispmachine.de
Fri Sep 13 20:36:55 PDT 2002

At 18:54 Uhr -0600 13.09.2002, Gary Byers wrote:
>On Sat, 14 Sep 2002, Rainer Joswig wrote:
>> > > - CLIM (the real CLIM, not FreeCLIM) based on Cocoa/Quartz
>> >
>> >As far as I am aware, "FreeCLIM" aka "McCLIM" is an implementation of
>> >the CLIM specification... what do you mean by "real" here?
>> A port of the original CLIM implementation, also sold by Digitool
>> for MCL.
>From what I understand and have heard, the licensing issues surrounding
>the official/"real" CLIM are mind-numbing.  I don't think that Digitool's
>CLIM license would allow them to LGPL it, and I don't know how commercial
>CLIM could be used in OpenMCL.
>(I -believe- that I'm correct in thinking that Digitool's CLIM is a
>commercial product that they licensed from some other company.)

"People" (Digitool) could just port commercial software
on top of OpenMCL and sell it. ;-) Or those who have CLIM
sources (like me, my Lisp machine comes with it) could provide
the necessary deltas... I don't know, don't take it to
seriously - I just think that OpenMCL as a Lisp is (or will be)
more than good enough to run all kinds of software on it. ;-)
I'm using CLIM in MCL, and I would like to use CLIM on top
of OpenMCL. Just me...

>> I think a Wiki for OpenMCL would be fine.
>I started to put together a Wiki to serve as an OpenMCL "to-do list";
>what I have so far is at:

Okay, I will have a look.

>I'd hoped to have more time to work on it (both on adding content and on
>trying to improve the presentation), but there might be enough there for
>interested people to comment on and add to (and I'll try to add more as

Rainer Joswig


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