[Openmcl-devel] HOWTO: Have a foreign structure field point to parent structure

Kevin Rosenberg kevin at rosenberg.net
Sun Sep 29 11:48:56 PDT 2002

With John Desoi's excellent work adding openmcl support to UFFI, I
nearly have all of CLSQL working on OpenMCL. There is one more thing
that I need:

I need to have a way to have a create a field in a foreign type
structure that contains a field that is of a type that points to the
parent structure. Such as 

struct astruct {
  int data;
  struct astruct* next;

In UFFI syntax, this would be:
(uffi:def-struct astruct
  (data :int) 
  (next :pointer-self))

So, I need to add code to UFFI to convert the :pointer-self construct
to a valid openmcl construct.

I browsed through the HTML/foreign-types.html document, but I didn't
see what I needed.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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