[Openmcl-devel] CLSQL/UFFI support complete for OpenMCL

Kevin Rosenberg kevin at rosenberg.net
Mon Sep 30 02:16:05 PDT 2002

John Desoi has written UFFI support for OpenMCL and MCL. I've update
his code, merged his changes into the main UFFI source directory, and
have fairly extensively modified CLSQL to support OpenMCL. (Refering
to structures works differently in OpenMCL requiring additions to UFFI
and changes to CLSQL.)

At this point, OpenMCL is a fully supported platform for UFFI and CLSQL.

On a Debian system, it is very easy to install and use:
  At the command line: apt-get install cl-uffi, cl-sql, cl-sql-mysql
  Inside of openmcl: (progn (require :clsql-mysql) (require :clsql))

A big thank you to John Desoi!

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