[Openmcl-devel] problems compiling OpenMCL from CVS

Marco Baringer mb at bese.it
Mon Apr 14 02:42:15 PDT 2003

using a fresh copy of the sources and OpenMCL 13.4 to build (this is
all on 10.2.4.

When trying (ccl::compile-ccl t) i get an error about
#P"ccl:l1;level-1.lisp.newest" not being found. ccl::xcompile-ccl
gives the same problem. The directory #P"ccl:l1;" does not exist, but
l1-dfsls, l1-pfsls, l1-sfsls and l1f do exist. Looking at
lib/systems.lisp leads me to believe l1 and level-1 are getting mixed

When trying (ccl::xload-level-0) it creates ccl:ccl;ppc-boot.image,
not ccl:ppc-boot.image as the docs would have me believe.


Here's a dribble of my attempt to compile ccl from CVS:

1) define CCL to be a logical host mapping to my cvs directory

2) from within openmcl run (ccl::xload-level-0)

3) symlink ccl:level-1 to ccl:l1

4) run (ccl::xcompile-ccl t)

5) move #P"ccl:ccl;ppc-boot.image" to #P"ccl:ppc-boot.image"

6) run ./dppccl ppc-boot.image (being unsure about what to do with the
   files #P"ccl:ccl;level-1.dfsl" and #P"ccl:ccl;runtime.dfsl"

Watch as step 6 leads to an error about
./l1-dfsls/ppc-callback-support.dfsl not existing (I didn't find it
anywhere in the ccl tree).

7) go do what they pay me for :)

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