[Openmcl-devel] Specifying interface db file locations

Duncan Rose duncan at robotcat.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 14 08:05:04 PST 2003

Thanks for the response; unfortunately use-interface-dir doesn't seem 
to help. Maybe I'm not using it correctly. For example, my error 
message is:

Warning: Interface file #4P"ccl:darwin-headers;cocoa;records.cdb" does 
not exist.

Specifying (use-interface-dir ...) allows me to specify the "cocoa" bit 
in the middle. So openmcl still attempts to look in 
"ccl:darwin-headers;<my bit>;records.cdb". The problem is that in my 
saved image, "ccl:" doesn't seem to map to where I want it to be.

If I use /usr/local/openmcl/ccl/dppccl as my image, the interface files 
are found with no problem. If however I build an image using bosco (so 
the dppccl / dppccl.image files are written to a subdirectory of 
Bosco.app) the new image can't find the interface files.

I assumed that maybe the ccl: (device?) part of the path was being set 
relative to the image. Copying the darwin-headers directory into the 
location the image is doesn't work however (e.g. the bosco application 
is set up:


after copying the headers directory but ccl::cdb-open can't find the 
interface files. Making a ccl/ directory at the same level as the 
MacOS/ directory and putting the darwin-headers/ under there doesn't 
help either).

To be honest I don't want to be copying the interface files around 
anyway. But I'd still like openmcl to be able to find them.

If I start a usual openmcl session and (require "COCOA") to get the 
cocoa listener up I don't observe the same problems, so I'm figuring at 
the moment I'm configuring something wrongly when I build my image (I 
think I'm correct in believing that the cocoa ide uses a different 
image within which to run). I just don't know what.


On Sunday, December 14, 2003, at 03:10 PM, Camille Troillard wrote:

> Hi Duncan,
> Gary answered me to that question, here is his quote:
>> In order to use any of the interfaces that're
>> in subdirectories of ccl:darwin-heades; you need to do:
>> ? (use-interface-dir :subdir)
>> The idea of trying to segregate things like this - making
>> it necessary to explicitly "use" a set of interefaces -
>> was and is to minimize the possibility of name conflicts.
>> OpenMCL does the equivalent of:
>> (use-interface-dir :libc)
>> everytime it starts up, so the standard C library
>> things are accessible.
> Hope it helps,
> Best,
> Camille
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>> Is there a way to specify where the interface db files are
>> located? It
>> appears that lisp images saved somewhere other than the ccl directory
>> can't find them.
>> Thanks for any help,
>> -Duncan
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