[Openmcl-devel] is (pref *display* ...) supposed to work?

Timothy MOORE Timothy.Moore at labri.fr
Wed Dec 17 03:18:22 PST 2003

I can send a more extensive bug report later, if needed. Briefly, I ran 
Xlib and the OpenGL header files through ffigen so I can do OpenGL 
programming via GLX, not Cocoa. I transliterated a sample program from 
"OpenGL Programming for  the X Window System". I seem to be having 
trouble using pref with a macptr stored in a special variable. Is this 
supposed to work:

1 > *display*
#<A Mac Pointer #x802600>
1 > (ccl:pref *display* :_<XP>riv<D>isplay.default_screen)
Unhandled exception 11 at 0x011b91f0, context->regs at #xf0135648

The address seems to be valid, etc.


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