[Openmcl-devel] New 0.14 binaries

Daniel Barlow dan at telent.net
Sun Dec 21 02:03:25 PST 2003

Gary Byers <gb at clozure.com> writes:

> In ASDF's case, we seem to have:
> (defclass component ()
>   ((name :type string :accessor component-name :initarg :name :documentation
> 	 "Component name, restricted to portable pathname characters")
>    ...))
> so (as you noted) if we do (DEFSYSTEM :some-symbol) we get a TYPE-ERROR
> that (in at least one sense) we richly deserve.

I am ashamed.  I will fix.

> I'm a little surprised that other implementations haven't caught this;

It's the kind of thing that in other circumstances SBCL would delight
in complaining about, but I suspect that the slight disconnect between
PCL and the rest of the system has caused it to remain undetected.

I'm not a PCL hacker, though: that's merely speculation.

> that suggests that other programs in widespread use may have slot
> type specs that are slightly out-of-synch with reality.  If that's

My guess is that you'll find a lot of places that have slot types
declared as FOO which should actually be (OR FOO NULL).  But I agree
about the long-term benefits.



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