[Openmcl-devel] Remote REPL

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Thu Jan 9 14:59:39 PST 2003

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Sven Van Caekenberghe wrote:

> Great! I updated my code at http://homepage.mac.com/svc/remote-repl.lisp
> which is now using MAKE-MCL-LISTENER-PROCESS, and it seems to work OK!
> Handling ctrl-c is hard I think (how do you send ctrl-c using telnet

The telnet peer sends an "IAC IP" sequence, typically in response to
a ^C being typed.

(There are some options that'll cause the peer to send one or more
bytes of "urgent/out-of-band" data; there's no support for reading
that kind of data in OpenMCL's sockets code.  It used to be possible
to blue-screen Windows NT just by sending it any out-of-band data; most
telnet clients seem to just use the simpler in-band "IAC IP" technique
these days, at least by default.)

> Thx,
> Sven
> PS: Unless we find something very wrong with the code, this should
> definitively become an example.

Sounds good; I'll try to put up a page for links/examples soon, and
will import a snapshot of this and xml-rpc into OpenMCL's examples

If anyone else has things that they'd like included with OpenMCL
or referenced from this forthcoming links/examples page, please let
me know.

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