[Openmcl-devel] Loop macro missing in openmcl?

Frank Sonnemans openmcl at sonnemans.net
Sat May 3 09:03:02 PDT 2003

As a beginning lisp user I am trying to get some software libs (cl-xml,
portable a-serve, cloc, ...) to load in openmcl and most of them give errors
due to a missing loop macro.

The error message is:

Error: The module "LOOP" was required while loading ...
       No file could be found for that module.
While executing: REQUIRE

This message shows up when there is a loop construct like:

(loop for x from 1 to 100 .....

Is this macro missing from openmcl, or do I need to load it using require or
a similar construct.

If it is missing, can someone point me to some information (source code)
which I might try to port to openmcl.

Best Regards,


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