[Openmcl-devel] New OpenMCL 0.14 binaries available

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Mon Sep 1 23:50:19 PDT 2003

New 0.14 binaries are available; there's a regular "release" web page at

I'd like to try to phase 0.14 in as the "official" branch; if anyone's
aware of any reasons for not doing so, please let me (and/or this list)
know of them.

Thanks to Randall Beer for his work on a new Cocoa Bridge, which is
included in this release (and used heavily in the Cocoa demo(s)).

There seem to be some issues related to launching application bundles
made via


under Panther prereleases.  (If it was permissable to discuss Panther
prereleases publicly, we'd probably be talking about how the new
caching performed by Launch Services is a little overzealous, but
of course we can't say anything about that.  Yet.)

Gary Byers
gb at clozure.com

**** Changes ****
*** New Features: ***
    * SAVE-APPLICATION now accepts :PREPEND-KERNEL and :MODE arguments. (SAVE-
      APPLICATION needs to be documented ...). The latter argument specifies
      the read/write/execute permissions to be given to the saved image (in a
      manner usable by the chmod system call.) The former argument allows an
      OpenMCL kernel (or practically anything else, I suppose) to be prepended
      to the resulting image; a kernel that has an image appended to it
      will load that image in the absence of an explicit image-file argument.
      (SAVE-APPLICATION ... :PREPEND-KERNEL T ...) prepends the currently
      executing kernel to the image; any other non-nil value of the :PREPEND-
      KERNEL argument is interpreted as a pathname.
      If a file to be "prepended" to a heap image appears to already containe
      an embedded heap image, that image is not included in the output.
    * Hamilton Link's "opengl-ffi" example (which uses GLUT to display a
      graphic design in a window) has been conditionalized for OSX, and has
      been updated to run the GLUT event loop in a separate native thread.
    * The Cocoa IDE example (and the lisp<->ObjC infrastructure underneath it)
      has been redesigned and reimplemented; it exploits a new "Cocoa Bridge"
      contributed by Randall Beer, offers improved integration between Cocoa
      exceptions and CL's condition system, and is a little better integrated
      with OpenMCL's runtime system. There's even a (very) generic application
      icon. (If anyone with at least minimal design skills and some free time
      feels like creating a better-looking icon, it would be appreciated.)
      The demo IDE is still barely usable, but I think that it's a little more
      practical to work on improving it than it has been.
    * Lisp processes are now STANDARD-OBJECTs; some of the functions used to
      access and manipulate processes are now generic. This -should- all be
      transparent, but one never knows ...)
    * When given a path to a non-file device (e.g., "/dev/null"), the OPEN
      function now tries to return a stream that's not a FILE-STREAM.
*** Bug Fixes: ***
    * TRANSLATE-LOGICAL-PATHNAME had difficulty handling translations involving
      the root directory (#p"/").
    * SLOT-EXISTS-P was completely broken.
    * There were several bugs related to CLOS's treatment of FORWARD-
      REFERENCED-CLASSES; perhaps the most severe of these was the fact that
      they couldn't be instantiated (there was a typo in the ENSURE-CLASS-
      USING-CLASS method for them.)
    * Various flavors of FF-CALL didn't handle foreign functions whose address
      was passed as a MACPTR correctly.
    * The kernel Makefile for Darwin now tries to infer the version of GCC in
      use, since some versions effectively invert the meaning of the
      "-traditional-cpp" argument.
    * There were some errors in some system call definitions for Darwin (off_t
      is signed).
    * SAVE-APPLICATION wasn't accepting logical pathnames for its output file.

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