[Openmcl-devel] Specializing on nil

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at beta9.be
Mon Sep 29 00:16:52 PDT 2003

Yeah, I was indeed using a somewhat older version (openmcl 
0.14-030623), the lastest (openmcl 0.14-030901) does indeed 
load/compile asdf.lisp without any problems. Sorry about that. (Still 
there must have been something odd in that version...)

On Monday, September 29, 2003, at 08:40 AM, Gary Byers wrote:

> On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Gary Byers wrote:

>> On Sun, 21 Sep 2003, [ISO-8859-2] Oliver Markoviæ wrote:
>>> ? (load "asdf.lisp")
>>>> Error in process listener(1): Class named OPERATION not found.
>>>> While executing: FIND-CLASS
>> This seems to be something different (perhaps one of the defining 
>> macros
>> should be more careful about an EVAL-WHEN in its expansion ?).  I'll 
>> try
>> to look into it when I get back from vacation later this week.
> I couldn't reproduce this: loading the current version of asdf.lisp was
> uneventful in the released 0.14-030901 (or anything relatively recent.)
> Welcome to OpenMCL Version (Alpha: Darwin) 0.14-030901!
> ? (load "/usr/local/src/asdf/asdf.lisp")
> #P"/usr/local/src/asdf/asdf.lisp"
> ? asdf:*asdf-revision*
> (1 77)
> ?
> I wouldn't want to claim that there isn't a CLOS defining macro 
> somewhere
> that needs to be more careful about EVAL-WBEN clauses in its expansion,
> but if such a bug exists this doesn't seem to be a way of provoking it.
> (I don't have a good guess as to why this failed for you.)

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