[Openmcl-devel] What is the state of the phemlock included with OpenMCL?

Hamilton Link hamlink at comcast.net
Sun Aug 1 15:45:24 PDT 2004

> May I ask why Cocoa was chosen over Carbon?

 From a possibly mistaken point of view, it seems like Cocoa is where OS 
X is going, and Carbon is where OS X came from -- in other words, even 
though Carbon isn't officially deprecated it seems like Carbon 
libraries are there mostly for backwards compatibility, new development 
in Cocoa is encouraged by Apple, that's where it new APIs appear, 
that's where several non-Carbon widgets and frameworks are, etc.

I think another reason for using Cocoa is that with the Cocoa bridge 
the OO API of Cocoa is (supposed to be) easier to extend and invoke 
than Carbon. C use is straight FFI calls, while ObjC use is easier to 
make look like just more lisp.

I use a mix of emacs and hemlock to do my lisp development in openmcl. 
Hemlock is still maturing, and in general the IDE organization is still 
not fully there yet or I'd be using emacs less. I haven't looked at 
Clotho (does it run under openmcl? I should probably look into it). If 
I had spare time to spend it would be on beefing up the IDE for openmcl 
(cleaning up, revising, or integrating the backtrace, inspector, etc.) 
or debugging the Cocoa frontent/PHemlock backend under openmcl, and 
taking lessons learned from there back into the main PHemlock project.


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