[Openmcl-devel] Gtk "Hello, world" example in OpenMCL

Rick Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Mon Aug 9 11:47:22 PDT 2004

> Cool.  Any pointers to your code?  I would be especially interested in 
> the program which uses the "gtk.ffi" file as I am going to need to 
> wrap GtkGLExt.

ok ill make a tarball with examples and a readme when im back in the 
office tomorrow and post the url to it.  assuming you have all the gtk 
dylibs installed the gtk2 .cdb files are ready-to-go. my wrapper layer 
is a bit of a moving target, however, because Im still seeing what it 
really needs to do. and its sure to change when I integrate sbcl into 
it. but so far I am able to do examples from the gtk2 tutorial without 
any problems.  ill include the tutorial's  drawing example 
(scribble-simple.lisp) in the tarball for a test case. Since gtk is 
huge (8000+ entities in gtk.ffi)  I currently use python's API as a 
guide for what to include in the ffi and export from the :gtk package. 
This was probably a mistake (too restrictive) so perhaps if i have the 
energy tomorrow ill regenerate the ffi layer to include everything in 
the gtk libs.

Rick Taube
Associate Professor, Composition/Theory
School of Music
University of Illinois

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