[Openmcl-devel] What is the state of the phemlock included with OpenMCL?

Takehiko Abe keke at gol.com
Tue Aug 10 08:18:58 PDT 2004

mikel evins wrote:

> I'm using HIView in Clotho.

Ah, that's good. 

> It's higher-level than previous Carbon 
> approaches, but overall the process of building an application on 
> Carbon still involves considerably more low-level coding and more time 
> in the OpenMCL kernel debugger than doing it with Cocoa. If the Cocoa 
> bridge in OpenMCL didn't suffer from its current (temporary) problem 
> with breaking when binaries move from one minor OS version to another, 
> then Clotho would still be built on Cocoa.

I see. 

> However, as I said, there are some advantages to Carbon. It's mighty 
> fast, for one thing. It's easier to wrap straight C calls in CLOS, for 
> another.

Even with HIView? hmm.. OK. Maybe I should try both HIView and
the cocoa bridge some day. It's gonna be a huge headache in either
way though. All my GUI codes depend on MCL's view system.

I have experimented with HITheme API which is much lower level than
HIView. I concluded that it can be used with MCL's view system in a
comptabile way (Sorry for talking about MCL rather than OpenMCL).
But then I stopped to pursue it further because it's clear that it
wouldn't give me any real benefit at the end. 


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