[Openmcl-devel] another make-record question

mikel evins mikel at evins.net
Fri Aug 20 16:50:48 PDT 2004

On Aug 20, 2004, at 12:57 PM, Andrew P. Lentvorski, Jr. wrote:

> On Aug 20, 2004, at 11:10 AM, mikel evins wrote:
>> However, I'm certainly going to want to build other applications that 
>> are not meant to be development systems and ideally should not tack 7 
>> MB of interface databases onto the application bundle in order to be 
>> able to run. So I'm interested in finding a method of statically 
>> resolving the interfaces that the application actually uses and 
>> building the result of that resolution into the app.
> Why not trim back the .ffi file which generates the .cdb file to only 
> those functions and variables which you use and need?

A reasonable suggestion.


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