[Openmcl-devel] $_InstallEventHandler Difficulty

David Steuber david at david-steuber.com
Wed Dec 22 06:55:47 UTC 2004

OK, I think I've got it.  main-window-event-handler is a MACPTR, not a 
function so (#_NewEventHandlerUPP #'main-window-event-handler) was 
failing and crashing the app.  But to use it, I had to add 
(defparameter main-window-event-handler nil) ahead of main so that the 
compiler doesn't think that it is an invalid free variable.  I suppose 
I could also move the defcallback up, but I don't really want it ahead 
of main.  The defparameter form is no worse than a C function 

Now to flesh out the functionality of compute-command-handler so I can 
see if anything actually happens when I click the button.

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