[Openmcl-devel] Idle openmcl via slime pin's cpu.

Ben Hyde bhyde at pobox.com
Wed Feb 4 12:49:18 PST 2004

openmcl: 0.14-031220!
slime: CVS head (last night)
xemacs 21.4 (patch 9) "Informed Management"

When I fire up slime it seems to work, though I've not exercised it 
extensively, but when idle it pins the processor.

ktrace suggests it's doing gettimeofday (but I didn't check how often).
shark shows it spends 40% of it's time in shandle (that's from memory) 
and then the rest of the time in misc. unnamed symbols.

Meanwhile, don't actually see how to kill the subprocess; quit for 
example doesn't.  So I've been killing the process.

Suggestions?   Thanks!   - ben

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