[Openmcl-devel] bug with clx

Robert Sedgewick rds at mercury.chem.pitt.edu
Sun Feb 8 20:24:32 PST 2004


I'm not sure if the version of clx on the clozure ftp site (version 
030512) is current or supported, but I think I found a problem with it.

The just-say-lisp example does not work (infinite loop) with the 
#+openmcl-native-threads specialized version of the conditional-store 
macro in dependent.lisp.  If I instead use the non-native thread 
specific conditional-store macro than it works.  I think this is 
somewhat less efficient, but I don't know the openmcl internals well 
enough to get the native thread specific version to work....

BTW: I'm using openmcl version 0.14-031220.


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