[Openmcl-devel] asdf defaults

bryan o'connor bryan-openmcl at lunch.org
Wed Feb 11 11:15:31 PST 2004

i'd like to submit a patch to the asdf.lisp maintainer(s) to add a
module-provider-function and a default *central-registry* for openmcl.
the module-provider-function would be identical to the one supplied
for sbcl.

for the *central-registry*, sbcl uses the following:
   $SBCL_HOME/systems/ - packages distributed with SBCL (contrib).
   $SBCL_HOME/site-systems/ - site-wide locally-installed packages.
   ~/.sbcl/systems/ - per-user locally-installed packages.

a quick mapping to the current openmcl hierarchy would put the first
two in ccl:tools/.  it'd be nice to then ship with the symlink to
asdf-install.asd in systems so (require :asdf-install) would "just
work".  future bundled projects like the cocoa listener, editor, ide,
etc. could ship with a similar setup.

~/.openmcl/systems/ makes sense for the third; even more if it were
possible to use ~/.openmcl/init.lisp as an alternative to
~/openmcl-init.lisp.  (that's mostly just to appeal to my compulsion
to keep $HOME as uncluttered as possible ;)

an openmcl-init.lisp could also ship in examples with reasonable (and
paranoid) defaults for asdf-install.

opinions, suggestions?


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