Fwd: [Openmcl-devel] Possible problem with host-namestring

Gary King gwking at cs.umass.edu
Sun Jan 4 16:02:58 PST 2004

I think that the problem indicated below is legitimate. Is there a 
reason for OpenMCL's differing behavior (that I will work around in my 
own code) or is OpenMCL in the "wrong". Thanks in advance.

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> From: Gary King <gwking at cs.umass.edu>
> Date: December 22, 2003 8:12:16 PM EST
> To: Gary Byers <gb at clozure.com>
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> Subject: Re: [Openmcl-devel] Possible problem with host-namestring
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> I think I'm now less confused <smile>.
> Start OpenMCL fresh and try:
> Welcome to OpenMCL Version (Beta: Darwin) 0.13.6!
> ? (host-namestring #4P"ccl:foo;bar.bat")
> "ccl:"
> Looking at the definition for host-namestring in MCL and OpenMCL shows 
> that, sure enough, OpenMCL appends a #\: to the return value. This 
> doesn't seem right to me but maybe it is. I'm happy to work around it 
> if this makes the rest of OpenMCL better.
> ;; MCL
> (defun host-namestring (path)
>   (let ((host (pathname-host path)))
>     (if (and host (neq host :unspecific)) host  "")))
> ;; OpenMCL
> (defun host-namestring (path)
>   (let ((host (pathname-host path)))
>     (if (and host (neq host :unspecific)) (%str-cat host ":") "")))
> Thanks,
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