[Openmcl-devel] (no subject)

Gary King gwking at cs.umass.edu
Mon Jan 12 16:20:03 PST 2004

I'm getting the following error:

 > Error in process listener(1): Array index 11 out of bounds for 
#<Unprintable CCL::IMMEDIATE : #x6000003> .

while loading a file. In case it matters, I first got the following 

"Unhandled exception 11 at 0x010d6c68, context->regs at #xf0135538
Read operation to unmapped address 0xb5fffffd
  While executing: #<Function EXTRACT-INSTANCE-EFFECTIVE-SLOTDS 
? for help

When I restarted OpenMCL and reloaded, I got the error. The function 
being executed is make-load-form-saving-slots. FWIW, the class whose 
instance is in question has only 7-slots. Also FWIW, this code loads 
under regular MCL. I'm not sure how to go about fixing this one.

Rather than putting lots of stuff in this e-mail, I'll wait to hear 
what might be useful in determining what goes wrong.

Gary Warren King, Lab Manager
EKSL East, University of Massachusetts * 413 577 0176

“Trusting to escape scrutiny by fixing the public gaze upon the 
exceeding brightness of military glory, that attractive rainbow that 
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