[Openmcl-devel] asdf-install and asdf in the openmcl distributions

Marco Baringer mb at bese.it
Sun Jan 18 06:56:56 PST 2004

On Domenica, gen 18, 2004, at 06:14 Europe/Rome, Gary Byers wrote:

>   - what version of asdf-install should be included ?

at the moment there's only one version, but this is a good question for 
which i don't have a good answer. i'd say the latest available at the 
moment of the creation of the openmcl distribution, but this isn't a 
very usefull answer.

>   - what else does it depend on, and what versions of those things ?
>     (I assume ASDF in this case)

asdf-install depends on asdf which depends on nothing. keeping the 
dependencies minimal is one of asdf-install's objectives.

>   - quite reasonably, the README file for asdf-install discusses
>     using it with SBCL.  Should a README.OpenMCL file be added,
>     that at least points people to the HTML documentation in the
>     portable version ?

or just substitute the contents of the README with a link to edi's 
tutorial. One could even put a line somewhere in OpenMCL's docs 
mentioning the availability of asdf-install with a link to edi's 
tutorial and forget the README file.

>   - I'd personally agree that many people would find asdf-install
>     useful.  Exactly which things are so useful that they should
>     be bundled, and how should that be decided ?

the point of bundling asdf-install is that you wouldn't need to bundle 
anything else. once you have asdf-install any other interesting things 
could be distributed as asdf-install'able packages and getting them 
would be a simple matter of (install :silver-bullet). even the examples 
could be packaged and distributed this way.

> There may be simple answers to these questions, and the fact that
> I'm asking them may just indicate that I haven't thought enough
> about these issues.  If people have thought about these things,
> I'd appreciate hearing their opinions.

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