[Openmcl-devel] 12/20 Cocoa Questions

Hamilton Link hamlink at comcast.net
Sun Jan 18 19:56:44 PST 2004

I would not suspect your system configuration off hand. The Objective C 
foreign function interface is being transmogrified at the moment -- 
Gary Byers and Randall Beer are in the process of integrating it into 
CLOS more thoroughly with the MOP. When it's done, the result should be 
much more seamless than it was, but I'm not surprised if you're running 
into problems.

Depending on what your particular needs are, Gary may be able to help 
you or you might want to get an earlier version of the binaries and see 
if that works -- certainly it would benefit everyone to have another 
person banging around in ObjC... come to think of it maybe I should 
download the latest version and see what it does for me. Anyway 
normally Gary's pretty responsive so don't get discouraged, help is on 
the way. Post back to the list if you have the same problems with an 
earlier version, or with the ObjC support in the latest 13.x version.


On Sunday, January 18, 2004, at 12:12  PM, Bruce D. Nilo wrote:

> I have looked around on the mailing lists and such but can't find 
> answers to some of
> the problems I am bumping into. These are probably due to my 
> configuration being
> screwy, but I don't know for certain and would certainly appreciate 
> any pointers on
> getting my configuration stable.
> I downloaded the 12/20 distribution via CVS and built a new image. I 
> am running on
> OSX 10.2.6. (I am about to upgrade to 10.2.8 to see if it corrects 
> some problems.)
> Firstly, when I bring up a listener and type (require "cocoa") all 
> goes well and I get
> a listener. However if I type a lisp expression such as (+ 2 3) into 
> the window I get
> the following error:
> dppccl[4574] Error in event loop: #<A Mac Pointer #x420A3720> is not 
> an ObjC object
> Secondly, if I next start up aserve and then try evaluate (require 
> "cocoa") I get a more
> severe problem:
> > Error: Objective-C runtime exception:
> >        XML parser error:
> >        	Unexpected character ( at line 1
> >        Old-style plist parser error:
> >        	Expected terminating ')' for array at line 1
> >
> > While executing: CCL::CHECK-NS-EXCEPTION
> ;;
> ;; Process Initial(0) needs access to terminal input.
> Typing (:Y 0) does not successfully do anything since the listener 
> (process 1) reclaim
> input focus almost immediately.
> Thirdly, if I type (require "cocoa-inspector") in an environment that 
> does not have aserve
> running  I get the following error in the listener - but the app 
> window does appear, but has
> the same eval problems as case 1 described above.
> > Error in process listener(1): Unbound variable: *OBJC-READTABLE*
> > While executing: CHEAP-EVAL-IN-ENVIRONMENT
> Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
> Bruce
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