[Openmcl-devel] "dppccl --version" feature request

Rick Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed Jan 21 12:20:43 PST 2004

> So, what you'd like is for --version to return the same string that's
> printed in the "Welcome" banner ?  E.g., if the next version calls
> itself "0.14-040201", you'd like to see:

I guess in the best of all worlds it would print whatever number 
openmcl displays to the user. but if any 0.14 generated image will 
"work" with a 0.14-040201 dppccl then 0.14 is fine. (im sorry but i 
dont know how the 040201 tag is actually used by openmcl -- if i recall 
correctly my 0.13 image didnt even contain that field.) my shell script 
uses the version number so that it can access an image and whatnot from 
the correct subdir. curretnly, this requires that openmcl's 
dppccl.image also be around just to do this. i relize i could hardwire 
the subdir path but the sh script is intended to work with other 
lisp/os/version combinations.

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