[Openmcl-devel] Patch to better integrate ASDF-Install with OpenMCL

Gary King gwking at cs.umass.edu
Tue Jun 8 17:30:05 UTC 2004

Attached is a patch to OpenMCL and some other code (all in one file) 
that better integrate ASDF-Install and OpenMCL. Here is the discussion 
in the comments:

This code patches OpenMCL slightly and adds some stuff so that
require works with asdf systems in the *module-search-path*. One
(useful) oddity is that if an asdf system file is in a directory
of the same name and the directory's parent is in the search path,
then this code will find it. For example, if asdf-install.asd is in:


and the search path includes "ccl:tools;", then evaluating

(require 'asdf-install) will still find asdf-install.asd.

The first (non-package) form is a patch for OpenMCL that prevents
find-load-file from returning directories. The rest of the code
implements the require machinery for asdf systems and pushes the
function onto the *module-provider-functions* variable.

If you're just loading this file, then ASDF must have been loaded

This has _not_ been heavily tested but it does work fine for me.

Feel free to use, abuse and otherwise castigate, alter, spindle and/or
mutilate this code.

Feedback appreciated,

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