[Openmcl-devel] Init-file in openMCL Cocoa App

Rudi Schlatte rudi at constantly.at
Thu Jun 10 14:05:41 UTC 2004

On 10. Jun 2004, at 14:45, Gary King wrote:

> Lisps can also deal in physical pathnames. When you don't start with a 
> host and instead use "/", then you have a physical pathname. I don't 
> believe that you can mix physical and logical.

Well, #p"openmcl-init.lisp" is a physical pathname too.

> FWIW, I was able to create .openmcl.lisp in my home directory using:
>> ? (with-open-file (s "/Users/gwking/.openmcl-init.lisp" :direction 
>> :output :if-does-not-exist :cr
>> eate)
>>         (format s "Hello"))
>> NIL
>> ? (probe-file "/Users/gwking/.openmcl-init.lisp")
>> #P"/Users/gwking/\\.openmcl-init.lisp"

See also:

(merge-pathnames #p".openmcl-init.lisp" (user-homedir-pathname))


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