[Openmcl-devel] Problems with the SLIME debugger

Gary King gwking at cs.umass.edu
Fri Jun 11 19:16:25 UTC 2004

FWIW, this didn't use to happen to me (on my old setup) but does happen 
now on my new one. I usually can reconnect to OpenMCL by meta-x 
slime'ing again. This isn't ideal but...

On Jun 11, 2004, at 1:43 PM, Christian Hofer wrote:

> Hi,
> when I'm working with OpenMCL on Darwin, and SLIME, I just cannot 
> figure out, how to use the debugger correctly. I just downloaded the 
> newest OpenMCL release and the newest SLIME tarball, and the behaviour 
> is getting even worse.
> E.g. when I try to evaluate the variable test in the listener, I get - 
> as expected - the following error:
> Unbound variable: TEST
>    [Condition of type UNBOUND-VARIABLE]
> Restarts:
>   0: [CONTINUE] Retry getting the value of TEST.
>   1: [USE-VALUE] Specify a value of TEST to use this time.
>   2: [STORE-VALUE] Specify a value of TEST to store and use.
>   3: [ABORT] Abort handling SLIME request.
>   5: [ABORT] #<RESTART ABORT #x1692E2E>
> Now, none of the aborts seem to work properly. When I chose 3, I get 
> the following error:
> Undefined function CCL::SIMPLE-RESTART called with arguments () .
>    [Condition of type CCL::UNDEFINED-FUNCTION-CALL]
> When I try, on the other hand option 4 or 5, the listener seems to 
> loose contact to OpenMCL.
> SBCL on FreeBSD behaves completely different and I did not encounter 
> any similiar problems.
> Thus I wanted to know, if the lost connection is expected behaviour. 
> And on the other hand, if I did s.th. wrong during installation or if 
> simple-restart does not work at the moment?
> Thanks,
> Chris
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