[Openmcl-devel] ffigen problem on OSX 10.3.4

mikel evins mikel at evins.net
Wed Jun 30 16:35:57 UTC 2004

I was trying out ffigen on the carbon headers in OSX 10.3.4, and I ran  
into an unexpected snag:

+++ /Developer/Headers/FlatCarbon/Carbon.h
In file included from  
                  from /Developer/Headers/FlatCarbon/Carbon.h:1:
CarbonCore.framework/Headers/fp.h:93: #error unsupported CPU

On slightly closer examination it looks like, for whatever reason,  
TARGET_CPU_PPC is not defined when processing the above header.

I haven't spent much time on this yet; just thought I;d ask around in  
case anyone else has already seen and solved it.


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